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This should cover just about everything you ever needed to know about North West Montana, “Glacier Country”.  The following links will provide you with information pertaining to lodging, restaurants, local driving maps that you can print out (Google Maps, link) which will help you figure out drive times and what not.  Keep in mind that the tourist season last only 3 months (June,July and August) in  NW Montana, thus Hotels, Motels and Lodges book up well in advance.

We won’t go into any detail on where to stay, eat, spend money or where to get advice on the other great things to do around the Flathead Valley,  but here are some of our favs though:

The White Room Mountain Shop:  Tim and Charlie will point you in the right direction for a good dinner and glass of wine or a great hike, bike , walk… around the Whitefish/Big Mountain (Whitefish Mountain Resort) area.  

Rocky Mountain Outfitter:  Probably nobody knows more about the back country of NW Montana than the owner of RMO, Don Scharff and along with a dedicated crew of outdoorsy folks, they are the folks in the know.  Surely to point you in the right direction for some delicious Huckleberry ice cream after a day exploring Glacier National Park.  

A few super yummy stops to fill your tummy: (in no particular order)

Tupelo Grille:


Pescado Blanco:  

2nd Street Pizza:  

Buffalo Cafe:  

This is a great site to find food and lodging through out Montana (), go to “Glacier Country”.

Summit Post dot org:  All you need to know about the Swan Range,  great pictures, history and other useful facts.  Follow some of the links to explore the surrounding areas.

The Local “Swan Rangers”:  These folks love the Swan Range and are dedicated to helping preserve it’s beauty for generations to come.  


Google Maps:  This has the main points of interest marked.  From this you should be able to figure out drive time and what is happening where and how to get there.  Points marked/listed are Hammer Nutrition – mandatory runners check in on Thurs, July 29th,  Columbia Falls High School – Finish and The Town of Swan Lake – start.

General points of interest regarding the SC100.

Aid stations:

Quintonkin – This is for reference only.  There is NO CREW ACCESS at the Quintonkin aid station.


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