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Detailed Runner’s Packet:

The RP just has a few extras and is more detail oriented (usual ultra reading material).



The following will give you a general idea about the run. It’s really just like any other hundred miler, except a bit on the low-key side. Posted above is the runner’s packet containing more detailed information.


When and Where:

The Swan Crest 100 starts at 7:00am on July 29, 2011 at the of the Town of Swan Lake. Pre-run check-in and general information meeting will be held on the 28th from 11:00am through 4:00pm at a yet undecided location.   Questions regarding the run can be asked at this time. Runners should have their drop bags prepared for pick up at this time.


The Run:

The Swan Crest 100 will take runners north from the town of Swan Lake along the crest of the Swan Range, ending in the town of Columbia Falls. You will be running through the Flathead National Forest , crossing sections of the Swan Lake, Spotted Bear and Hungry Horse ranger districts. The run is a point-to-point and consists of 90% single track, 6% dirt roads and the rest just a wee bit of pavement. There is no flagging along the single track sections along the trails that follow the Swan Crest.  Some of the critical trail junctions along the course will be marked. Just to reiterate:  Not all trail junctions will be marked, critical and questionable trail intersections will be marked at the junction and for roughly 100 yrds markings will continue on the correct course trail.  If you go through a junction and you do not see any course markings you are going the wrong way.  If in doubt back track, look for course markings use your map and consult your noggin.  The trails along the Swan Crest are in good shape, are regularly used and well signed.  This is where you need to be efficient with your map reading skills and feel comfortable in a remote back country setting.  If you have a tendency to get lost or take wrong turns, for some the trail sections will be run in the night, this is something to consider when deciding to partake in this run.   The Swan Range is home to wide range of wildlife, including Grizzly Bears, so if you have any bear phobias, this is something to consider. The run will finish at the , where there will be hot showers, dinner and awards.


Aid Stations:

There will be 7 aid stations.  Five of the aid stations will be available for drop bags.    If you have a crew, nearly all of the aid stations are accessible, one way or another…



Sure, at mile 43.3


Trail Conditions and Weather:

Montana in July? High’s in the mid-to-upper 80′s and nights falling into the mid-40s. Thunderstorms are always possibility; even a snow storm wouldn’t be out of the question. The trails throughout the Flathead National Forest are well-maintained and signed.  These trails get use from mountain bikers, hikers, equestrian folks and several other user groups, so they are well-traveled and easy to follow.  One of the many great things about living in NW Montana is the abundance of day light hours.  On July 30:  Twilight is at – 5:33AM, Sunrise at – 6:10AM and Sunset at – 9:16PM and Twilight at 9:53PM.


Course Marking:

The course will be marked at most intersections.  Course markings will then continue for up to 100 yrds in the correct direction of travel.  If you don’t see any course markings immediately after the intersection consider going back and having a look the other way, consulting your map and your noggin.  As stated before, these trails are well-used and most of the trail junctions are signed. In some cases where the race directors see fit, we will mark  road/trail intersections to help alleviate any confusion on which way to travel.


Show Up Prepared:

The Swan Crest 100 will be a challenging course with over 23,000’ of up and down, and with the longest distance between aid stations at 24.5 miles. You should be efficient and familiar with being able to care for yourself and be familiar with basic first aid and wilderness travel.


Cut-off Times:

The run will have a 36-hour time limit with several aid stations having their own cut-off times. Aid stations, distances and cut-times will be listed in the Runner’s Info Packet.




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