Registration Form & Waiver:

Please open the following MS Word document:

Go to the contact tab and use the given email address to send a request for an Application and we will get them out shortly.


The run is limited to 40 individuals, and is based on a first to sign up basis.  The SC100 is open to any capable individual that would like to participate.  There is no “entry fee” to partake.  We are  asking but not requiring a donation ($275.00) from each participant that will cover the cost party planning for this family style event.  Your donation will be used to cover food cost, commemorative SC100 t-shirt, transportation cost, beer, hot dogs, aid station supplies, medical supplies, Columbia Mountain Cabins rental for the finish, Dinner and a portion of your donation will go to the Montana Conservation Corps supporting the Youth Engaged Services Program out of Kalispell, MT.

Trail Work:

We won’t require you to participate in a day of trail work; instead we have come up with a way that will benefit the trails of the Swan Range, the trails that you will be using during the Swan Crest 100. Instead of spending 8 hours doing trail work, we will make a monetary donation on your behalf  to the Montana Conservation Corps – YES (Youth Engaged in Services) program. The YES program is based out of Kalispell, MT and takes local 15-19 year-old youths from the Flathead Valley and forms trail crews that work on local trails in the Flathead National Forest. The donation that is made will be specifically earmarked for this program and will enable the crews to work on the trails within the Flathead National Forest.


Since we want everyone who starts the Swan Crest 100 to finish, we ask that you have completed a 100 mile run within its allotted time limit in the last two years, the following 100′s act as qualifiers for the SC100: Cascade Crest, Plain, Hardrock, Wasatch, Massanutten.  If you haven’t participated in a 100 mile run and you feel that you are capable of completing the Swan Crest 100, get a hold of us and tell us why. There are always exceptions to the rule. Please realize no one knows you better than yourself, so be realistic when considering whether you should sign up or not.


If for some reason you are unable to make it to the SC100 or there is an “Act of God” that prevents the SC100 from taking place, we will do our best to get back to you what we can in terms of your donation.  How ever please understand that  there are some expenditures that need to be covered before you arrival so we can have everything ready for the SC100 family gathering, so you may not get your donation back in full or partially.  In any event you are welcome to still attend the post SC100 activities at the Columbia Mountain Cabins for dinner, beer and and camp fire festivities.  Make sure to bring a square dancing pardner.



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